Vintage like Lilly LaBeau gets a nice ass cumshot

From time to time I love to watch vintage porn. Although this article is not about vintage porn, video I’m going to show is pretty much vintage alike. This vintage alike quality is precisely what brought me to looking this movie and – in the end – enjoying it. In short: he came on her butt. For all of you who don’t mind reading some more, please continue reading.

Please find a nice little vintage like porn movie in the movies section here.

What vintage porn has and these new porn movies don’t

It’s not my intention to cry about old times. I’m not that old at all and I wasn’t grown enough to masturbate when majority of vintage porn movies were made, but there really is a quality that separates vintage from new porn. First of all, it’s bodies. Then there are cum shots. And last but not the least, it’s the story.

Bodies in vintage porn

This is the most important reason for watching vintage porn are the bodies. I probably wrote about them in the past, but it’s such an important part of vintage adult movies that I have to underline it one more time: there are all-natural bodies in these movies. Some bushes are trimmed, but boobs are round and big, or small and round, or small and flat. Nipples are big and round, or small and perky – doesn’t matter – they look the way your ordinary girl next doors would look, but with all the cocks in the world in their pussies, mouths or asses. There are “all natural” fetish these days, which is probably a product of all this plastic and no-hair chicks. Back in those days I’m sure it was pretty normal to have it all in any porn movie, which suppressed the need for such niche. (OK, there was probably a shaven niche as a pretty strong thing, but still). I’m going to note here one more time: I really don’t like plastic boobs, lips or anything plastic for that matter. There, I said it.

Cumshots in old adult movies

It seems to me that nowadays 90% of movies end with guy landing a load in chick’s face. While this is perfectly fine, it makes me long for (again) nice old cum shots when guy used to fuck a girl until he is about to come and then had to pull his cock out and spray her (hairy) pussy. Or stomach. Or tits. This part of plus for vintage is somewhat blurry, since I can’t really say that new and old movies aren’t pretty much close there… You can now easily find a creampie movie, while it was pretty rare to find it in the past. Yet again, it was pretty common for cum to be shot in face in old movies, but I still feel that even when guys were unloading their semen on a girls face, they were doing it in a more natural way. Call me old fashioned, I won’t mind. Also, even though it’s a bit off topic here, I absolutely love tan lines. Additionally, I don’t count creampie movies as any more natural than facials in modern porn. Guys in creampie movies cum so shallow that it’s almost not a creampie and everything gets spilled the moment he takes it out. The only exception here being when girls push it out, but these scenes look more as if they’re taking a shit than doing something natural :). I said enough.

The story

OK, it’s not something that members of the Academy would appreciate, but vintage porn had always had some kind of a story. You could even find somewhat funny movies with all the cocks and pussies in the world bouncing around and spilling liquids. But they had a story. And they had real actors. Nowadays, all of the porn industry went to crap because of all these cheap movies which are taking the bread of real porn stars. I know that sites like *tube sites are doing this to porn industry and that even blogs like this one could have something with it. It’s not my intention here to say much about moral of tube sites and blogs and free galleries – I just wanted to state something that’s pretty obvious to me. And so I did. I also liked the music :)


Sarah Young: Vintage Porn Star

I’ve been surfing my blog, reading my previous posts for some time now and came to a conclusion that I should spray some happiness related to one of the most loved subjects on this blog: vintage porn. In addition, I found some interesting things related to porn online today, and I would like to pass on a couple of sex related news. So bear with me a little bit. Above is also a related gallery, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Vintage Porn Star, Sarah Young

While checking the images above, this vintage jewel look incredibly familiar to me. Tried to find some posts here that mention her, but was unable to do so… And yet, I know she’s familiar from somewhere. Anyways, after checking her images, tits, pussy and ass out, being unable to find where exactly she’s familiar to me from, I decided to fuck it all and simply enjoy the view.

All the vintage goodies are here, with certain elements of over used, cheap pussy. As I said before, this is a quality that has its pros from time to time. And tonight was that kind of night… My orgasm was sweet and intensive :)

So, here’s Sarah Young: big tits, round and natural. Nice, big and nicely shaped nipples and a somewhat loose pussy. Hairy, as well, just as one would expect from a vintage girl. So, if you’re into vintage pussy, this post’s gallery will make you drool. Once again, enjoy.


Vintage time: Lynn Armitage

Back in the old days, we didn’t have internet. That we could handle somehow. Another thing we didn’t have was enough years of age in order to buy porn. Or, at least, enough years of age not to give a fuck about lady who sells magazines’ frowning at us. That wasn’t so manageable, and we had to share what some of us managed to somehow get. I always remember that episode when myself and my gang (four of us, summed up to some 50 years of age together) found a porn magazine on street. I don’t even want to know what happened to it. What I do know is that this chick, Lynn Armitage, reminded me of my early teen years, when we jerked off on anything we could find.

Whenever I speak of great things in Vintage porn (like here), i.e. about great, natural tits, nice bushes and beautiful and natural bodies, there’s also this kind of vintage, that has other qualities – similar to what I described in this post. Basically, I’m trying to say that this chick has something great in her, something that we can still on cheap porn movies, with only difference being the fact that tits are now plastic: she’s a dirty, used porn chick, one that’s totally different to what we’re able to see everyday on the net these days – teens naked and doing stuff. Still, there’s a reason Lynn Armitage has a gallery on this blog – I’d do her.

Now, after checking the images above, let me know if you really wouldn’t do her? If not, how about a somewhat different situation – if you were alone on a deserted island with her?


More vintage porn oddities and Bunch of spam comments

Not sure if Mondays are going to be vintage porn days, but this one will be used for yet another reminder how porn was great in old days. I found bunch of 60’s and 70’s porn magazines, and decided to share them with you. Well, some of them – there’s bunch of them and only little time to spare :). If anyone is interested, please let me know in comments, and I’ll provide source for those mags. This isn’t the first time I’m dedicating a post to vintage fucking – it has happened before, as well. Even more, it will happen again, I’m sure.

Please keep in mind that these are magazine scans – back in those days there were no digital cameras and pixels, so it might not as good as you might like. Still, I’m going to choose the best looking ones. I’ll also use this post to display certain oddities that one could find in that kind of mags. Hopefully, you’ll like it as much as I did – for old times’ sake :)

Vintage Sweet hairy pussy and nylon stockings

I guess this is the best part. You don’t often find this kind of content – not in amateur and not in pro submissions. Today, all the chicks are either shaved or hairy as fuck, depending on taste. Ladies in the pictures above have some sweet natural note that simply takes you and makes you take out your cock and jerk off. Or take out your dildo for that matter. Or simply finger yourself. I’m not going to take sides ;).

Cum shots, the old style

It looks as if sperm was different those days. Everything was more relaxed – there were no HIV dangers, and people only cared about not getting pregnant. Well, not only but still… Creampies are not as popular in this collection as much as I would expect, but guys seem to cum on pussies without hesitation – so that part is covered.

Oddities / Fetishes

There’s bunch of those, as well. Some things that look strange and a bit odd now weren’t so strange. I know that forced sex fantasies is something that’s hard to find, but back in old days it wasn’t the case. I also found some sweet German mags that seem to deal freely with this kind of fetishes / fantasies. Well, whatever makes you tick, isn’t it true? (As long as all are ok with it, ofc).

Once again, if you like the images found in the gallery in this post, feel free to drop a note / comment, and I’ll be glad to show you more of what I’ve found. There’s enough to go around ;).

Spam comments

On the side note, I have to say that my blog has been found by spam bots, and that they’re sending bunch of fake comments. While they are fun to read actually, and I even love to make fun of them from time to time, they are getting a bit boring. I know that people use automated scripts to post these, but it sucks. That’s all I wanted to note here.

Keep it cool peepz.


Vintage nudes and what’s wrong with amateur porn

Please do a thorough check of the above gallery. I’m sure you won’t mind :). It puzzled me in the beginning – why would people want to look at these old photos, when there’s tons of new porn photos that offer young chicks, better resolution and better niches / fetishes for that matter. I said in the beginning! After reviewing a few (quite a few, actually), one conclusion has to be made: vintage porn is, simply said, great! Let me elaborate a little bit.

Point 1: Tits

If you pick the right period and the right porn publisher, you won’t find any fakes back in the ol’ days. I happen to dislike fakes – tits, noses, lips – the whole package. I love natural women and love them for what they are. It looks bad when, in a movie, you see a guy banging a chick but can’t hold her tits as they’d probably deflate (and probably with a bang). Vintage photos / movies have a different quality there: beautiful, round tits with great nipples. Most of them hang in the way that one has to think something like man, I really love gravity. Further more, I would think that after watching couple of vintage photos, even if I was falling of a cliff (the gravity part). Having that compared with plastic one is a subject for a laugh!

Point 2: Tan lines

I really like them. No matter where. They usually have them on boobs as an evidence of how great bikinis they wear on beach (man, I miss those beaches!!!) or on sweet asses, serving as evidence for the same hot thing. Another great thing about tan lines is the fact that cum shots looks great on borders between white and dark flesh. Tasty!

Point 3: Hair

Well, this might even be a weak point, but still: many people don’t mind some hair between woman’s legs. What we see these days is girlie no-hair pussies, but this all takes us in the wrong perspective. Women should have some hair, and not only on their heads. As long as it’s not on arm pits and above lips, it’s cool by me :)

Next time I come with vintage subject, I promise to add a movie or two.

What’s wrong with amateur porn?

Some luck bastard unloaded his cargo on these huges

Fucking love cumshots

I won’t be writing much about this. There’s only one thing to point out, and it’s clearly displayed in the photo on the left – when you see a great cumshot, you’d expect to see the fucking that created this cum shot. However, in many cases, one finds amateur photos not on sites they were originally published, but on a totally different ones. These, on the other hand, often don’t have all of the photos. Also, fucking amateurs don’t take photos all the way, but when they finish. And that sucks. I do love amateur porn, but I’m pissed off right now!