Our Dirty Pornstar: Gianna Michaels

Bukkake Girl – taking 10 cumshots in one movie!

Ok, I have to admit that this one is the most extreme on this blog, for now :). Gianna is taking them like a champ: 10 guys and she alone is taking care of their cocks. It’s a ~5 minutes movie, and one that’s really big. Don’t miss it, for nothing!!!

And now, after mentioning how great all this is, I need to break it to details. And I’m going to take it easy, unlike Gianna did 😉

Bukkake – when a girl is very friendly

Who would have guessed that wikipedia hosts stuff like this?

Bukkake - taken from wikipedia

In case you didn’t guess, it’s a Japanese thing. Even though there wasn’t too much attention paid to our Asian friends, I think that this is going to change after this post. Japanese people are very happy and interesting people, when it comes to sex. The only bad thing is related to their crazy idea to censor cocks, pussies and asses. Apart from that, there is a lot that can be seen there. Anyways, bukkake is a group porn thingy when couple of guys cum on a girl, most often in her face. It’s rather popular, just as anything else related to cums is, and there are many sites dealing with it. I’m not going to post any links, but will try to post some content in future, to address every need of my dear visitors 😉

Gianna Michaels – the busty pornstar

Gianna Taking it like a champ!

Please click this image to enjoy the movie!

She was mentioned before on this blog, and the post about Gianna is here (well, a few words on the left, actually). Being all friendly and stuff, our hamburger restaurant waitress climbed up on a social ladder and started taking vast amount of cocks. This, of course, was great news for all the guys with taste for big tits, since she’s quite blesses in that :). She got plenty of awards in her porn career, from which I love the most the Unsung Starlet of the Year, which was awarded to her in 2008. by AVN. Please click the image to see the movie I was talking about!


Yet another porn star: Gianna Michaels

Sex story from a 20 years old girl

I was once told a story. Some girl told it to me, and I remembered it to this day because it was really strange to hear it from a 20 years old chick. Interestingly enough, my opinion on thoughts of 20 years old girls have changed, but the general surprise I felt when I heard the story was really surprising.

The story was about a fantasy of hers. Namely, she secretly masturbated to the thought of her being fucked by a truck driver. OK, I guess this isn’t anything special, but what surprised me was the fact that this particular truck driver was nearing his fifties, had hairy hands, dirty with grease from some repair work on his truck. And he was doing her roughly, in a truck. He picked her up hitch hiking on some regional road (and roads in that country are long and boring just as they are in some parts of USA), and was pissed of with his truck fucking him – so he decided to screw her. She wanted it, but was pretending she didn’t, so she was kinda forced to it. And when he came on her, she was all messed up with grease and sperm.

Female truck driver: Gianna Michaels

Gianna Michaels enjoying a mouthful

Now, Gianna is a porn star. She isn’t driving trucks, and her hands aren’t as greasy as our big fat truck driver from the story above had. What’s common for those two is that when they grab you, chances are you’d get dirty with sperm :)
Watching her sucking cock and taking it up her pussy made me realize what’s so hot in banging some dirty bitch, like Gianna is. Simply said, she’s made for it. Just take a look at her pussy, how full that thing is and how easily she takes cock and you’ll get the idea. Dirty, greasy, big tits and big ass Gianna Michaels.

Gianna is old school porn star. Don’t take me wrong – she’s young and good loking. But she’s not sexy. Neither is she subtle. She’s a truck driver. I jerked off to a movie that can be found when you click on the image of Gianna Michaels taking cock in her mouth. This is when it was decided that this movie and article about her has to go live on this blog. I’m writing this with my hands shaking and a big grin on my face :)

She’s god big boobs, big ass, nice skin. She also has that strange animal look in her eyes, that makes you scary unless you’re packed with 9″ nail between your legs. If you’re the lucky bastard packing that sort of heavy artillery, Gianna is the right bitch for you – she can take about any cock and stuff it into her pussy. She’s also very nice in taking cum shots. Please check the small gallery and don’t miss out the movie. Happy evening!