Naomi Russell HIV or NO HIV. Update

Old news about Naomi Russell being HIV positive

It still bugs me a lot. Some time ago I found a news about Naomi Russell new movies and got so excited that I posted an article about fake HIV positive news for Naomi Russell. Nowadays, I’m not sure in anything any more. Ever since that ray of hope, I’ve been looking for some kind of proof that anal goddess is still OK, and that she’s not actually retired. However, there’s been zero to none news related to her, and all that’s available is some forums / chats where everyone is talking about her being HIV positive. I even managed to find a movie with her, that seemed to date AFTER her HIV news, but I’m not sure what to believe now… Maybe that’s some kind of the best of Naomi thing? Who knows.

Carmella Bing and Naomi Russel both infected?

It’s also good to note here that there were two actresses who allegedly got infected by the virus – Naomi Russell (our dear anal queen, right) and Carmella Bing. It’s good to say here that I managed to find from some semi-serious sources that Carmella isn’t HIV positive, and that’s she is only retired for a while, since she got fat from pregnancy or whatever. And I mean proper fat… But the important thing is that if this is a lie (HIV part), there are also big chances that Naomi HIV news are also false. Let’s truly hope that’s true, since I really wouldn’t want to see this great actress so fucked up… I mean, we’re all used to see her fucked up, but not HIV fucked up – only cock fucked up :)

Some good old Naomi Porn

Naomi doing what she does best

With all that being said in Naomi’s defense, it sounds as a good idea to remind all of you why do I love this chick so much. For that purpose, I got a gallery for you people, along with a new Naomi movie full of her being stuffed with meat injections. It’s good to note here that I intentionally looked for some of her older movies, where she’s still properly young – a picture that no one can easily forget.



20 thoughts on “Naomi Russell HIV or NO HIV. Update

  1. I am very dissapointed because I love her so much. I have most of their best DVDs and I also watch her every now and then. She’s my favorite perfoermer ever. She’s beautiful nad has the most perfect body in the world. I just wish her hiv rumour is just that. Thank you for keeping posting info about her, wich is very rare these days.

    • Thx for the comment bro.. I too hope it’s just a rumor and we’ll soon see more of her… I’ll write more about her soon… But all one can write now is good wishes…

      She’ll come back one day I’m sure 😉

  2. Look… I work closeley with lots of models and pornstsrs .. I’m actually in music… If I told you who I was you’d flip… But I’ve spoken to her personally… She just retired she’s not sure if she will stay that way… The only reason she’s even considered to have it is because her weight fluctuates so much… She’s Israeli.. she can get really vilouptous but she was allways a slim girl that’s all.. people Re assholes… Say whatever to get some views or attention

    • First of all, thank you for your comment. I don’t believe that she’s ill, and I know about lots of people using her weight changes as an excuse to say she’s ill. I also know, even too much, how mean people can be and how little they care what they speak about – if it can bring revenue to them.

      Secondly, please do tell who you are… I love to flip 😉

      One more thing – I so much love her that her weight fluctuations have never stricken me as something bad 😉

      Once again – it’s great to have you here bene. Thank you!

  3. Big fan of Naomi, glad to hear ( if true ) that she isnt sick. Honestly, I hope she’s moved on and doesnt have plans on returning to the biz as theres been a bunch of crazy shit going with Mr.Marcus just comin up positive for syphillis.

  4. Man,I hope that she isn’t H I V positive! I always loved watching her,she’s so exotic looking. I hope that she doesn’t return to porn and finds out what she really wants to do with the rest of her life.

  5. Does anybody know really something that is for sure?? Or do we know just some rumors? Does she have AIDS or not? How is she these days? I met her in person and really like her as a woman, not just as a porn star, offcousre i´am a man and cant hide my fascination for her body. But that dont belong here. Thats something private. I just wanna know ho she is these days and if she is doing fine. She don´t answer mails anymore, and seem to get verry privat in her personal life. So does anybody knowws something real news………..??

  6. I have done my fair share of research and i have found out she was taking junior college classes and wanted to transfer to a four year school in los angeles. I almost thought about moving to l.a. and going to the same junior college just so i could see her. Hahaha! She is that hot! I know she wanted a major in the science field so she must be pretty smart also i have not been able to find out if she did indeed complete her studies and transfer the trail runs cold. This is all information that is public btw.

    • hey jdawg,
      thank you very much for posting this comment! that’s really great news!
      i’m going to apply for a US student visa then :)… that’s only logical, right 😉

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  8. She is disputably the hottest girl in the industry. Its really hard to say otherwise. I hope this HIV stuff isnt true. Itd be a sad fate.for dat ass. Ive been looking all over for news on this and its all hear say. I also found that she may have a twitter but i think its an imposter. Anyway, I have been following your blog for awhile on this and i hope you can find some concrete evidence that will give us all some piece of mind.


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  11. I hope the rumors are just that she iis beauriful and I hope her doing porn doesn’t cost her her life the directors of these films should insist that the guys wear condoms they are just as much at fault for the outbreak as the performers and as far as I’m concerned iif someone gets it on their set they should be prosecuted for involuntary maanslaughter there is far too much of it and at some point the men should be forced to protect themselves and the actresses they work witb

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