Amateur sex with condoms

There’s been a lot of fuss about recent LA law that will forbid porn movies without condoms. I would like to hear, at some point, at least, what do you people think. It’s nice to watch condom free cock enter a pussy, but we all need to know the risks people are taking when doing such things. It’s not that you only fuck good and nice girls when you’re in porn. In addition, it’s not that good and nice girls don’t have sexually transmittable diseases, right?

People (actors and actresses) should be asked for condom when filming

And, what’s better, they are. However, the question arises how far will your porn career go if you require a condom while having sex on movies. There’s bunch of folks who need money, and plenty of them won’t be asking for a condom – won’t be asking for anything – will actually bend and fuck or get fucked. So, until there’s a law forbidding guys and girls to fuck condom free on movies, there will always be condom free movies.

Other countries make condom free movies

Further more, even if condom is a required thing in U.S. there’s plenty of countries in the world where such law doesn’t exist. So porn industry might actually go and visit those countries. After all, there are plenty of amateur movies where guys go to Asia and fuck quite beautiful women for almost-free. While I fapped to that kind of movies many times, it doesn’t mean it’s a good thing :)

In the end, there is no way people can force porn industry to use condoms. However, trying might help some people stay healthy. It might also help some people stay hungry, unfortunately.

Cheerful part of the story: amateur movies showing sex with condom

While I prefer seeing girl’s pussy being penetrated by bare cock, it’s nice to have a change of setting from time to time. After reading so much about this law, I actually wanted to see a nice amateur porn movie that includes condoms. So I searched around and found these two: condom breaking during anal sex and condom car and home sex. Really nice movies. It’s not needed to say that I fapped :)

In addition, I’m adding some nice amateur images showing couples using condoms during sex. I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I did.


4 thoughts on “Amateur sex with condoms

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  2. I always roll a condom on my cock before sliding into pussy. GFs appreciate this. Sure, it feels more pleasurable bareback, but better to be safe. I’ve worn a rubber from the first time I fucked and so am totally used to them. Thing is, you’re thrusting your way to a climax and the last thing you’re feeling is the rubber, just the sensation that you’re going to spew your cream. By the time I pull out I’ve basically forgotten I’m using a rubber. Then there are the sensations before and after you fuck. Rolling the rubber on is a thrill of anticipation of the pleasure to come (or cum) and after withdrawal the sight of the latex with my cum in it hanging off my cock is kind of cool. These days you can get super thin condoms that help you feel more pussy pleasure.

  3. Agreed. It can be cool and it gives you peace of mind that isn’t there if you’re doing some girl that you don’t know… And, hell, even if you do “know” her, nowadays you don’t really know anyone.
    Then there’s girls rolling it on your cock, then the same thing but with mouth etc…

    And then again, there’s sliding a cock bareback into her… As always, there’s “pro” and “against”…

    Thing is, when watching porn, usually I hate when guys have it on… Don’t really know why.
    I had it both ways myself…

    Thx for your comment mate.

  4. Use of condom during physical contact not only prevents any communicable disease but also prevents the life span of the person…The life span could cannot be compared with the short period of fun which is sex…so it is better to pass a law about this…

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