Naomi Russell fake HIV news

First of all, I would like to tell fuck you to all those assholes who rumored about Naomi getting HIV. OK, I’m pretty sure that news about certain number of porn actresses is true, but pointing fingers to people while you’re not sure if it’s true is something that can ruin one’s porn career. For that, considering it’s Naomi I’m speaking about, these people should be nailed!

Naomi is HIV negative! (It’s probably OK to put your cock in her!)

To be honest, I was troubled by gossips mentioned above. Simply said, she’s among my all time favorites. I love her big ass and her perfectly shaped pink pussy. What’s really great related to Naomi is the fact that her pussy stayed young and pink all the way. OK, it’s not that she’s old or something – she was born on 9/25/1983 – which makes her 28-29 years old, but still if you take as much cock as she did, your pussy and ass don’t stay the same :)

Naomi Russell weight changes

Another thing about her that some people like discussing. OK, she is a little bit bigger now than she was when she was starting her career. She used to change her weight from time to time, but that only makes her all-that-intriguing. And again, there’s that pussy of hers – I’m not sure if it looks better when she gets a little bit chubby or when she’s thin. Did I say that I adore her? :)

Naomi in Double Anal Pounding movie

Naomi Taking Two Cocks in Ass

One ass, two cocks. Only Naomi...

Above title is also a link to the movie. Unfortunately, it’s only a trailer, and she’s only viewable in one scene. Still, it’s worth checking. I’m going to by one after I check it a little bit more on some tube sites ;). Still, I’m rather happy tonight, and I might even buy it straight away! From trailer, I saw that she’s going to be stuffed with two cocks, and that’s always a nice thing when it’s Naomi who’s being stuffed.

OK, FAP time for me…

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28 thoughts on “Naomi Russell fake HIV news

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  3. i searched many websites and they confirm she is HIV POSITIVE and the reason she is skinny is because of her illness.

    • dunno… none of the sites I saw were authoritative enough… so, if I must choose to believe what they are saying or keep doubting the news she’s ill, I choose the latter one ;)

  4. The weight loss has Nothing to do with HIV. She lost it while she was performing. Naomi herself said she didn’t like being a “big” girl and wanted to lose the weight, purposely.

    The other thing is…it has NEVER been confirmed that Naomi has HIV/AIDS.

    It has been the subject to much speculation by people who have No Idea one way or another.

    Presently, Naomi is attending college in S. California with a desire to enter the pediatric medical field.

    That doesn’t sound like something someone with HIV/AIDS would be doing.

    Get your facts straight before you post. Thanks.

    • Thank you for posting Kevin. I never said she has HIV – as a matter of fact, I was rather rude to people saying she has it :).

      My facts are that people are saying all kind of things and that’s what I tried to post and explain here. Still, again, thx for posting. We all love Naomi and are all on the same side ;)

      • While it’s great she may not have AIDS, the fact she’s attending college means that she’s pursuing another career, so probably she won’t be return to porn, and if she hopefully does, it’s gonna take a while. Either way, our loss.

          • And with that being said, I’m going to get sick or be in an accident some day eventually… maybe.. Anyways, I would want my doctor or nurse to be Naomi. :)

  5. My post was aimed at Dvid Steele.

    It’s amazing how all these guys who have ZERO knowledge about Naomi Russell’s situation say that she has HIV/AIDS.

    It is my understanding that Naomi left the “jizz-bizz” at the time of the HIV outbreak, NOT because of it.

  6. She was greatest porn actress ever seen. If she realy have AIDS i must invent medicne. She is one of this actress i would like to fuck. Love you babe.

    • you know how … even if she has it, soon enough this shit will be treatable, so no worries there…

      anyways, plenty of people say she doesn’t have it and all this crap is result of fucked up and jealous people.

      naomi is a porn jewel, and she has to be fine!

  7. I don’t think it’s wise to put “Naomi Russell Fake HIV news” unless you have the facts. What would have been more appropriate is if you had put ” I don’t think…” in the beginning of that because you’re only showing your opinion on the matter.

    It’s a tragedy but politicians are found corrupt, drug dealers go to jail and porn stars get STD’s. It’s a sad fact of life but nothing changes under the moon. But life in all of its preciousness goes on and I wish her happiness and success in any of new endeavors.

    • thank you for the comment. i appreciate your opinion and agree that you’re probably right. then again, back when i created this post i’ve read so many “news” articles about the subject that i actually was pretty biased. this article here shows it. i’m sorry if it looks miss leading, but it’s not THAT miss leading when you take into account it’s pretty much honest.


  8. Hi. I am doing the same research, lol. Where’s Naomi? I mean, sickness rumor true or not, nowadays it’s almost impossible for someone stay completely under the radar like her – especially someone like her. Not even a single cell-phone bad picture? Is she alive? I like to think she regretted and is retired, undercover, married and – somehow – happy.
    Anyway, what I really found was this ad:
    What if?

    • I don’t usually allow links, but this one looks very related :)

      Not sure what could it all mean, especially that “L” in her name. Anyways, as everyone here agreed, I hope she’s fine wherever she is… And if she every reads this, PLEASE give us some movies or photos :)… If amateur, even better ;)

  9. First, before anyone makes claim like spreading and HIV rumor they should have their facts straight. One thing I learned in college is that you need to prove what your saying and how you found that information. No one really knows why she left the game and when she is coming back! But I don’t think she has HIV or anything else that’s being spread around the rumor mill
    On a side note I always preferred Naomi with weight! She has the next door girl looks and a nice curvy body. Her small breasts only compliment the rest of her frame and prove that you don’t always need a breast implant to keep your career moving.
    Instead of people judging and condemning her about her “so called situation” maybe they should take a look at their own life. Just because you’re not on film or getting paid for sex doesn’t mean you’re not promiscuous or not in danger of getting HIV. How can one masturbate or fuck all day to porn and then complain about the performers?

  10. man, i wouldn’t wish the goddamn flu on anyone, so i sincerely hope all this is just rumors and malicious hearsay; but i do find it a little suspect that after two years she has yet to release a statement. it’s not as if she some governor’s daughter or something, who shamed the family’s good name by doing porn, and now feels compelled to shun the public and do red cross work in darfur permanently. she has her contacts and so she has to be informed of what her name’s been involved with. if it was me, i’d want to clear my name and back my claim up with a signed doctors note like “FUCK YA’LL HATERS!” i mean we’re talking about a person’s life and career here. i’d of said something by now as carmella bing did.

    • hm… your thinking has a point, but i do hope you’re not right :)

      and for her answering to all the haters – we can do it for her: FUCK YA’LL HATERS! ;)

  11. lmaoo!! dude, this article is amazing, man. really hilarious stuff. And you have no idea the relief i felt when i saw the headline. i can finally imagine my cock in her without the fear of getting anything too serious at least, lol

    • cheers mate, :)… welcome to the club of guys imagining their cocks in naomi.
      gotta admin though, i always imagined my cock in her, with or w/out hiv.

      alas, no one really knows what’s going on w her.

  12. Ok I don’t see what’s the big deal over something pointless.. If Naomi has aids or not it doesn’t matter why? Because it’s not like any of you people will ever fuck her.. Just enjoy her scenes and hush..

  13. You’re a little too in love with Naomi and it’s clouding your judgement homie. There’s a myriad of reasons that point to it being true. The biggest one- the fact this has been an active discussion for 3 years and we haven’t heard once from her, her agent, manager etc. She DEFINITELY would’ve released a statement claiming otherwise. Think about it, her career is entirely built on her name. Even if she retired, she still be invested in keeping her reputation. It’s literally the only thing that someone could say that could hurt her career, future earnings etc. It all points to this being true unfortunately. I enjoyed her work as well, it’s very sad.

    • I’m in love w/ Naomi, that’s true. You presented a fine reasoning, but it’s only reasoning and is as much true as anybodies’ else :).

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