How to find uncensored Sora Aoi images/movies?

My last post was about Sora (Sola) Aoi and I’m coming back to her again today. The reason for this is Japan’s law which forbids people to see other people fucking on tv. Actually, it’s OK to see them fucking, but it’s not OK to see cock actually penetrating the pussy, asshole or whatever it wants to penetrate. What’s even funnier, it’s not allowed to draw a cock in detail – so even their xxx comics need to be censored. My today’s mission is to provide some uncensored images / movies of Sola, if possible. And I’m sorry for calling our dear pornstar differently from time to time – The first time I stumbled on her, she was Sola, but when exploring I also found out she’s SoLa… So bear with me.

Obvious way is to go and Google the damn thing :). However, googling only revealed a few movies where there was nothing to censor – a guy grabbing her tits and playing with them. While she has some great mammaries, it’s not what I was looking for. So I made a couple of screenshots and went further.

Next thing on the menu was ‘pink eiga’, a movie involving Sora as a schoolgirl (standard Japanese fetish, one of those that I actually love) that has a kinky classmate and a crush for her teacher. Obviously enough, she gets proper fucked in the movie and it got me searching through intertnet, looking for a place where I could preview a movie in order to see if there is some real flesh there. Unfortunately, no luck there, either… After good old megaupload said ‘goodbye’, searching for porn changed to something a bit tricky (at least if you’re looking for something better than first few images I attached above).

I had a bit more luck in my nest steps, where I found this short movie called ‘uncensored trip’. Unfortunately, it was low-res and it was really hard to even confirm this is Sola at all. Luckily for us, she has this nice little birthmark on her right boob that helped me recognize her. Some screenshots are attached with this post. If you would like to see this movie, please let me know – I’ll find a way to post it here somehow. Anyways, even in low res, it helped me find some better and more intimate photos of her… Namely, I was able to see her dark Asian pussy, and this pussy was craving for cock, believe me! Luckily, she got what she asked for, in turn ending my search with success. As you probably see from images above, she had a good time, too.

Right now, I’m downloading her movie Symbiosis 24 hours sex. Expect to hear more about her :)


22 thoughts on “How to find uncensored Sora Aoi images/movies?

  1. hey bro. Thank you so much for this blog and i finally found someone who might be able to help me out. I’m dying to see uncensored movies of aoi sola and believe me, I tried every little things possible and yet, no luck in the end. I’d really appreciate it if u could upload your uncensored vids of sola or direct me to that heaven wherever it is. Thank you so much for your reply in advance!! 😀

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  3. This is Maria Hirai, not Sora Aoi. Her name is written at the beginning of this video quite clearly in Japanese. Thought I should point that out.

  4. Wow, I thought I was the only person looking for this! She’s one of my favorite pornstars, but it’s ridiculously difficult (if not impossible) to find her uncensored. Dumbest laws ever!

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    • not sure i understand. if you asked to find the movie with sora uncensored – I think you’ll find some here. it may be low quality though :(

  6. forgive, but not write with google ingles.te traslator, I happened to maria ozawa and finally I could see uncensored, and now I wonder if sora aoi uncensored movies made​​, grace and forgive me again for putting the post in Spanish

    • Don’t worry my friend.
      I think I found Sora’s movies and that one of the movies here on the blog show her naked, taking cock :). I’ve been told, however, that it wasn’t really her on the movie – but I was pretty sure it was. No idea… Thank for commenting, anyway

  7. Greetings! Every few months I do a search for “sora aoi uncensored video” but as of today still no luck. She was my first intro to Japanese porn and still my favorite after all these years. I will have to agree with the other post, that is not Sora in the photos. The body is amazingly similar to Sora’s but facially it’s definitely not her. Thanks for trying though! Good luck.

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